July Policy Meeting Rescheduled

July 2nd, 2020
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This month’s school board policy committee meeting has been rescheduled due to the 4th of July Holiday. The new meeting will be on Wednesday, July 8th at 5:30 PM in the conference room. 

2020-21 Board Approved NCA School Calendar

June 3rd, 2020
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Click to view or print the 2020-21 Board Approved NCA School Calendar

Distance Learning Update 6-3-2020 & End of School Year

June 3rd, 2020
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NCA Students and Families,

I hope this email finds you all healthy and enjoying the start to your summer. Thank you all for your hard work during the last trimester of distance learning. All of the staff at New Century Academy look forward to the fall when we can see you again! I wanted to send a note with information about the end of this year and the transition into the next school year.

1) The last day of school was last Thursday, May 28th. Teachers are working on finalizing grades by this Friday, June 5th.

2) There will not be additional binder pick ups. If you still need to turn in your binder or any school work you have, please deliver the materials to the school office ASAP. If you’re work is turned in late you will more than likely receive an incomplete until the teachers have had enough time to grade all of the late work.

3) There will not be lunch delivery service during the summer months from New Century Academy. If you would like to receive food during the summer months, please check with your local district public school. This would be the school district that you live in. Each district public school may be providing a summer meal program free of charge. Please contact your local district public school and inquire about programming, availability of food and when and where to pick it up each day.

4) Chromebooks should be returned to the school office. There will be staff that comes to pick up chromebooks from each home where one was delivered. If you’ve borrowed a hotspot device, we will need those back as well. The office will contact you when the pick up will happen. If you miss this date, then you will be responsible for getting the devices back to the school. If you would prefer to deliver the devices, please contact the office or just bring them in. Don’t forget the charging cable!

5) I will post a school calendar on the website for the 2020-2021 school year. Please note that we start school on August 24 and end on May 27. Please continue to watch your email and check the school website for updates to the start of next school year. At this point, the department of education is asking every public school to prepare for multiple scenarios including a regular return, distance learning or some sort of hybrid programming.

Thank you all for your attention to this email and enjoy a blessed summer. Stay safe!

Jason Becker, Director

New Century Academy

Annual Meeting and School Board Elections

May 13th, 2020
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NCA Parents,

Annual Meeting

Good evening parents of NCA! I hope you are all healthy and doing well during this difficult time. Although much has changed and we are all operating differently, some things need to continue on. One of those items is the Annual Meeting and School Board Election. Last month a communication was sent that postponed the Annual Meeting until Wednesday, May 20th. We are fast approaching this date and will be conducting the Annual Meeting by way of a virtual Google Meets. You are invited to attend this short meeting and the link to do so can be found at the bottom of this email. You may be able to add the link to your google calendar or you’ll need to save this email and access it again on May 20th in order to click the link to join the meeting.

School Board Election

Part of this Annual Meeting is the election for school board positions. There are two school board positions open for election at this time. According to the school by-laws, one position must be filled by a community member and the other position is open to all. If you have an interest and would like to fill a position on the school board, please follow the link below in order to be considered. There will be some basic information and a few questions to answer through this link. The position is a three year term position starting in July of 2020 and expiring in June of 2023. The time commitment is one school board meeting a month and one committee meeting a month. There will also be school board training that you would be expecting to complete. Much if not all of this training is done online and at your convenience.

School Board Applications and Voting

Applications via the google form will be accepted until Monday, May 18th at 5:00 pm. Once we have all candidate information, you will receive another email on Tuesday, May 19th at 8:30 am with a link to vote. Voting will be allowed until May 20th at 7:00 pm. Thank you for your consideration.

Click on the following link if you’re interested in being elected to a school board position:

School Board Application Google Form

Click on the following link on May 20th at 7:00 pm to join the Annual Meeting:

If you are not able to make the google meet work on your device, you can also join the meeting by phone and enter a PIN number when prompted:

Phone Number: 1-507-323-2464

PIN Number: 356 170 494

Thank you all and have a blessed evening.

Jason Becker, Director

New Century Academy

Board Member Candidacy

May 12th, 2020
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Parents, Community Members, Teachers of NCA-

If you are interested in running for one of the open school board seats, please click this link and fill out the survey to declare your candidacy.

Distance Learning Update 4-27-2020

April 27th, 2020
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Dear NCA Students and Families,

Happy Monday to all of you! I wish all of you health and happiness as we look to the end of the school year. Last week Governor Walz ordered all schools in MN to finish the school year in a distance learning format. Although this is sad news for all of us, this is an opportunity to be part of something that has never been done before! I know it is difficult, but we all have a choice to view this glass as half empty or half full and I’m choosing the optimistic approach. I challenge all of you to do the same. I know that with our dedicated staff and our resilient students, we can overcome any obstacle.

Distance Learning Transition

We will continue our distance learning plan until the last day of school on May 28th. We will continue to transition from a blended binder and online program to 100% online. This transition will happen by May 5th. As a staff we are discussing the possibility of repacking one final binder to be delivered with all materials for the remainder of the year. Families would then be responsible to get that binder and material back to the school by the end of the school year. Students with an IEP that require some form of accommodation in paper form will still receive materials in a binder form.

Internet Connection and Devices

We have done everything that we can do to assist students and families in securing a device and internet connection. If you still need a device or connection, please contact the school immediately and we will arrange a device or internet connection for you.


There will be a graduation ceremony on May 29th. How this graduation ceremony will be conducted is still in the planning stages. Our initial thoughts are to have students and families of graduating seniors gather outside in the parking lot facing the building. A google meeting invite will be sent to all graduating seniors so that they can view the ceremony live from the parking lot in their car or designated space that would follow social distancing guidelines. Students will then, one at a time, enter the building with their immediate family and walk across the stage to receive their diploma. This will provide the opportunity to take pictures and see each graduate receive their diploma from a distance. Of course, during this ceremony all social distancing guidelines will be followed. More details will be shared with you as we finalize plans.

Days Off for Planning

Finally, MDE Commissioner Ricker and Governor Walz have ordered that Friday, May 1st and Monday, May 4th be used for planning days for school staff. This means that there will be NO SCHOOL on May 1st and May 4th. School staff will be planning and preparing materials for the remainder of the school year.

Thank you all for your patience and effort during these unprecedented times. Please know that we are working very hard to do our best for the students and families of New Century Academy. Stay healthy!

Jason Becker, Director

New Century Academy