Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Century’s Learning Philosophy?

New Century is a project-based, progressive educational choice. We set high expectations and standards for our students. We are not interested in an accumulation of facts, but in learning for understanding and application. As stated in our mission, we engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life-long learning and global citizenship.

What is your admissions policy?

We are a public school in the State of Minnesota and every student is eligible to attend here if we have an opening. We maintain an active waiting list and admit students any time during the school year if we have available space. We are capped at 150 students, grades 7 – 12.

Do you charge tuition?

No. We are a public school and there is no tuition.

What extracurriculars do you offer?

We currently have a very active theatre group and provide opportunities for students to participate in Student Council, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Newspaper,and more.

How do students do when they leave New Century?

New Century’s philosophy encourages the development of thinking skills, problem solving, and the skills essential for life-long authentic learning. Our students qualify for and are accepted to institutes of higher learning across the nation. The majority of our students also go on to be active participants in extracurricular school activities. Many assume leadership positions. Our students develop the skills necessary for learning how to learn, and are confident, well-rounded students.

What is the Student-Teacher ratio?

New Century maintains a 13:1 school-wide ratio.

What types of special offerings are available at New Century?

One of our most well-liked and beneficial programs is our e-term experience that is held 3 separate times during the school year. These are one to two week “experiential learning” opportunities where students may choose from up to 30 individual seminars put on by our staff. Topics include art, music, outdoor recreation, photography, horsemanship, ballroom dancing, and a myriad of other topics. These are especially popular weeks with our students.