Our Mission is to engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life-long learning and global citizenship.
Our Vision is to provide a school that creates an inclusive community working together to support student achievement and builds a strong sense of self-worth.

Our Background

New Century Academy was founded by a small group of parents, educators and community members who saw the need for another choice in secondary education.

New Century was approved as an independent, public charter school at the eleventh hour in January of 2002 under the sponsorship of Hamline University Graduate School of Education. Our first full-time employee was hired in April of 2002 and we’ve been “running” since then!

The school is located in Hutchinson, Minnesota on the southwest side of the Hutchinson at 950 School Road SW. We originally opened our doors for grades 7 through 10 with 100 students. We have a beautiful new building that suits our students well. We have expanded to 150 students for grades 6 through 12.

We are a 6 – 12th grade Public School – open to everyone. There is no tuition and we pride ourselves on our academic excellence! Our students get a choice – we emphasize core curriculum such as math, science, social studies and lanuage arts along with problem-based learning. We have small class sizes and extracurricular opportunities for all. Call us today for more information!

Since the beginning, New Century Academy has been about creating, maintaining, and nurturing meaningful relationships with families and students within the surrounding communities.

  • Our values of a compassionate, informed citizenry, life-long learning, critical thinking and respect for cultural and environmental diversity deepens an individual’s understanding of self and the world they live in.
  • Our small school size, class size, and low student to teacher ratio enables students to feel a vital part of a community. They feel an awareness of belonging and self-efficacy, lending them a greater sense of purpose within their world community.
  • New Century Academy is a unique learning experience that offers project-based learning along with core curriculum in the major study areas. It is a place where students are truly learning to learn.
  • Our belief in utilizing the latest technology is evident in our emphasis on using technology in our everyday lives and tapping into the resources we have in our community – especially people with expertise and knowledge to share.
  • At NCA, students will spend time learning in a problem based environment where they will apply academic skills, while taking a greater responsibility for their learning. The advisors will be there every step of the way – coaching their students to success.
  • Parents and other family members will meet with students and advisors to develop a schedule that best fits the pathway the student has chosen. Seminars and classes are selected to earn credits and complete Minnesotas Graduation Standards. Parents are an integral part of our team!
  • The Educators at New Century have made this their school of choice as well by recognizing the professional advantages a charter school offers. Our educators are highly trained in their content areas and are motivated and committed to providing an innovative and quality education for our students.


Our Authorizer

Novation Education Opportunities (NEO)
Wendy Swanson Choi, Executive Director
3432 Denmark Ave. Suite #130
Eagan, MN  55123

phone: 612-889-2103

email: [email protected]