It’s Full S-T-E-A-M Ahead at NCA!


Rachel, Summer and Jason are parading the NCA banner through downtown Hutchinson.

Rachel, Summer and Jason are parading the NCA banner through downtown Hutchinson.

Do you desire a henrollnow-ands-on and relevant education for your child?  If so, New Century S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Academy is a great, free public school choice.  NCA is an innovative school that is committed to small class sizes, personalized learning, problem-based thinking, global participation, and academic achievement.

Sarah and Taylor  are proudly handing out promotional materials to businesses.

Sarah and Taylor are proudly handing out promotional materials to businesses.

Please call (320) 234-3660 and ask about NCA’s newly added student transportation options.  We remove the barriers so you can be NCA proud and your child can be career prepared.  Your child’s education is important.  NCA is no longer a secret so come check out our cutting edge education before enrollment is filled.”  New Century S.T.E.A.M. Academy has a spot for you!




Seniors Present Capstone Projects

Faith_gradCongratulations to Faith, Josh, Josiah, Max, Chris, Aleccia and AJ on their success with the Senior Capstone Project!

Topics covered at the May 14th presentations were:  Dogs and Their Impact on Human Society, Designing a Mobile App, The Senior Care Facility of the Future, A Personal Assessment and Career  Exploration, The Design and Development of the Long Board, The Art of Beauty, and Good, Evil and the Subjective.

Joshua_gradJosiah_gradMax_gradThe Capstone Senior Project provides an opportunity for students to gather and show the skills they’ve acquired throughout their HS Careers.

Aleccia_gradAJ_gradThey are on their way to becoming the life-long learners we imagined them to be!





STEAM’IN into NCA Events

Steamin1Students in the 6th Grade class at NDMA were guests at New Century Academy on May 8th.  They joined the 7th Graders at NCA and participated in their classes and experienced the social aspects of the Jr. High and High School lunch at NCA.  The 6th Grade class was also invited to a 6-8th Grade dance where they participated in fun games and danced the night Steamin6away.

The teachers at New Century Academy were all impressed with the 6th graders’ enthusiasm and excitement during class time and enjoyed getting to know the students at the dance.  It was a fun filled day in the Jr. High at NCA and we’re looking forward to having the 6th graders as students when they enter Jr. High for the 2015/2016 school year.


3…2…1… BLAST OFF

Blastoff2The 8th Grade students at New Century Academy, tested their Model Water Bottle Rockets last week in Science class while studying the History and Science of Rockets.  They were to create the most aerodynamic Model Water Bottle Rocket by manipulating the cone piece and fins while needing to carry a weight of 10 bolts with clay.  Each group was trying to achieve the greatest height and time in flight. They used a 2 liter pop bottle for the body of the rocket and filled the bottle 45% full of water to create thrust during the launch from an air compressor.  The class had fun and many groups achieved quite a high flight during the launch.  Students would like to thank Andrew Rettig, a 10th Grader at NCA, for contributing his self-built Bottle Rocket Launcher for the class to use!

Recent News


NCA Students Inducted into the National Honor Society

An honor such as induction to the National Honor Society is a wonderful way for our school to recognize and celebrate the choices, and sometimes the sacrifices each student has made during their high school career.  Like most things, it is not the honor itself that makes all of us most proud, but what each […]

circus prom

NCA Prom is May 16th

The NCA Prom is Saturday, May 16, 2015! Who? All NCA High School students (9th-12th) are invited to attend, along with a guest who can be from another school. Tickets are on sale now! Pick up your permission slip from the office or print one here, get it filled out and signed, bring it back, […]

Dear Parent or Guardian of a New Century Academy Student: Looking forward to looking back! The NCA yearbook committee is pleased to announce this year’s yearbook, ‘Our Journey’ bursting with photos, student portraits, activities, highlights, and of course, space for special autographs. The smiles and memories of your student’s year at NCA will be remembered […]