Welcome an AFS Exchange Student

May 8th, 2014
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AFSlogoWelcome an AFS exchange student into your home for the 2014 school year!

AFS and New Century Academy are working together to welcome some amazing international exchange students into our school. Your AFS student will attend NCA and bring his or her cultural perspective into your home and the classroom.

Each year, AFS Intercultural Programs welcomes more than 2,300 international high school students to the US. These are outstanding young people who were selected in their home countries to study in US high schools and are eager to experience what it’s like to live in America. Sharing daily life with a teenager from another country and culture is a rich and rewarding experience and is a wonderful way for you and your family to bring more understanding into the world. Imagine you could add another member to your family. A person who has lived in another country. A person who speaks another language. A person who sees the world in a different way than you. A person who wants to be your new brother or sister.

Local AFS Volunteers will support you and your hosted student throughout your experience to help you both receive the most from your time together. You provide a bed and meals for your student, but most importantly, you should be eager and excited to share your life and activities while providing the same kind of care, support, and comfort as you would to your own child or family members. AFS welcomes all kinds of families.

To learn more about AFS and hosting an exchange student, visit www.afsusa.org or contact Carolyn Sharratt at [email protected] or 612-219-6041.


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