Watch LIVE with Us on Oct. 5th

October 3rd, 2018
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Exciting news for New Century Academy 

WE Schools organization, partners with schools to find the local and global issues that sparks the students passion. It helps them to become empowered to take action through the tools and resources provided at

Inspired by the work of their own community, New Century Academy’s Middle School students set out to explore their new school building. Keeping  the WE SCHOOLS, WE Are One-Inclusion project in mind,  students spent time inside the classroom learning about inclusive design, and what that means in their own communities, and in their school building. Lists were compiled of student ideas on how they could make their school a more inclusive community. The students worked together on the aspect of academics and social connection.

Inspired by the work of her young scholars, Mrs. Doty turned their ideas into a Microsoft Grant submission.

On October 5th, students Mackenzie Henning, Kareena Collette, Katharine Minnick, and Jack Krych have been invited to represent their school on a WE SCHOOL global Skype event! Schools from around the world, viewers, special guests and hosts will be going live to encourage and enhance the big ideas from students, concerning Inclusion in their schools and communities. Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, Anthony Salcito, will be joining the event to offer a grant on behalf of Microsoft. NCA is one of the top finalists for this grant.

“I am honored to know and work with such a brilliant group of creative minds. They deserve every open door, and may all of their big ideas be possibilities”,- Mrs. Doty said.

To watch this exciting opportunity live, Click On This link.

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