Summary of Distance Learning Plan

March 26th, 2020
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School Hours, Calendar & Schedule

NCA will implement a daily schedule Monday-Friday, 8:30am- 3:30pm. These are the hours that teachers will be holding instruction and posting assignments and resources. During this time, staff will be available to offer support and answer questions through email, phone, google hangouts and google meets. Parents and students, who need to come to the school building for any reason, should contact the office to check availability and the potential for an appointment. The daily schedule will change during distance learning in an effort to help families manage the day-to-day workload and allow staff enough time to connect with students who need extra help. The daily schedule will be as follows:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30am – 10:30am 1st Period 4th Period 1st Period 4th Period Office Hours
10:30am – 11:00am Break Break Break Break Break
11:00am – 1:00pm 2nd Period 5th Period 2nd Period 5th Period Office Hours
1:00pm – 1:30pm Break Break Break Break Break
1:30pm – 3:30pm 3rd Period 6th Period 3rd Period 6th Period Office Hours


Distance Learning

NCA will continue to utilize Google Classroom as a method to provide classroom instructions, materials and assessments. Google Hangouts Meet will be used with Google Calendar for all class discussion. All students have access to Google Classroom, Calendar and Hangouts Meet through their school email. NCA educational staff will utilize a variety of instruction resources to provide students the highest level of education. General Education teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Paraprofessionals will all be available to provide instruction and support during the school day. Parents will have access to their students Google Classrooms.


NOTE: students will receive a message when logging into google from outside of NCA. This message will ask for an employee ID number. This is a second challenge that is put into place to keep student emails secure. The employee ID is the student ID. This is the same number that students would punch into the lunch keypad. It can be found on the student ID card as well as in our student record system. Please call if you have difficulty with this piece.


NCA will also make available paper copies of all materials. Staff will deliver student binders with the next week’s materials on Friday each week between 9:30am-12:30pm. Staff will pick up the previous week binder with completed material to be graded each Monday between 9:30 am-12:30pm. This rotation will help us meet the needs of those students who are unable to connect through the internet or prefer to complete their work on paper. This method will also meet the needs of those students who require printed materials as it relates to an Individual Education Plan.

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