Senior Capstone Project Presentations

April 19th, 2016
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The Senior Capstone Project is an event that showcases our seniors Project  Based Learning and the skills they have developed.

When alum return, they share stories and testimony of how PBL has supported their success in college, that their classmates struggle when given a project – they don’t know how or where to start!

NCA graduates know the steps in developing a larger task or project.   Not only that, they have developed the skills it takes to see it through to the finish line, a very desirable trait!

They have spent this last year identifying a claim, researching, gathering, organizing, determining, creating, communicating, evaluating, proposing, connecting, formulating, analyzing, critiquing, and so many more steps taught through PBL!

In essence, they have learned how to learn!

We’re very proud of our seniors, the Class of 2016, and we hope students, families and friends will join them as they present their final High School task – The Senior Capstone Project!

Click here to see our graduating Class of 2016

Thursday, May 5th

5:30 – Katelyn Huls –  Graphic Design

   Nick Dobbs – My Boat

6:15 – McKenzie Ebert –  Chemical Engineering

          Byron Jackson – A Day of Drill

7:00 – Kirsten Haugland – “I Forgot” – The World of Dementia

          Madi Riss – Sleep & Dreams

Thursday, May, 12th

5:30 – Devlan Bergseid – Design & Construction from Scratch

          Summer Marxen – Cyberbullying

          Paige Richardson – Animation

6:15 – Traci Ackland – Body Language

          Jason Strother – Medieval Weapons

          Malachi Jarman – Visionary Art:  Psychedelic Art

7:00 – Dominic Kinzler – Education – Let’s Fix It!

          Micah Uecker – Body Building

          Peyton Vessels – MUSIC . . . !?!

7:45 – Selena Woskie – Teen Pregnancy

          Duncan Fogarty – Health, Wellness & Fitness for the Air Force

          Phil Schwarze – The Art of Welding

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