School Update: August 11, 2020

August 11th, 2020
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NCA Students and Families,

The New Century Academy school board voted last Friday evening to follow the recommendations and guidelines from the Governor and the Department of Health for the safe opening and operating of schools in the 2020-2021 school year. As of June 30th, those guidelines would allow for a face-to-face opening. Families who desire to keep their student in a distance learning format will be allowed to and the school will make every effort to accommodate that student’s learning. Regardless of model, the daily start and end times for the school year will be moved up to an 8:00 am start and a 3:00 pm finish. This change allows us to increase the safety measures taken for all students who we provide transportation to. The bus company will get in touch with all families with pick up and drop off times in the next week.

There will be another update and release of case rates this Thursday by the department of education and department of health. If the case rates increase above 10%, NCA will open in a hybrid model. If the case rates increase above 30%, NCA will open in a distance learning model. During the next three days, teachers and administrative staff will be defining the hybrid and distance learning models.

HYBRID MODEL: The hybrid model will look as follows:

1) Students will be split into two groups; an A and B group.

2) Group A students will attend school on Monday and Tuesday of each week. Group B students will attend school on Thursday and Friday of each week. Wednesday will be a distance learning day for everyone and staff will work to sanitize the building between groups.

3) The expectation will be that when Group A students are face-to-face, Group B students will distance learn. When Group B students are face-to-face, Group A students will distance learn. The schedule will continue as a normal daily schedule, regardless of whether the students are face-to-face or in distance learning. Students will be expected to attend all of their classes when those classes are in session.

TECH NEEDS: The school will make every effort to help families who need technology or internet connection. Please inquire with the school if you have any of these needs.

SURVEY: There will be a google survey sent tomorrow, August 12th, to all families in our system. Please take the time to respond to this survey with how your student intends to operate with any of the three learning models. If we do not hear from you by the end of the day Thursday, we will reach out to you by phone.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this message. Please contact the office at 320-234-3660 if you have any questions. Please continue to watch your email or check the school website for further information. We are on the web at

Jason Becker, Director

New Century Academy

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