Block IV – 2009-2010

Students of the Block – Block 3, 2009-2010 – Mrs. Moore

Tyler Rogowski

For Government:  Tyler Rowgowski—even though he had to miss a lot of school, he always came to me and got the makeup work and finished it in a very timely fashion.  He was good at thinking deeply about many of the controversial Supreme Court cases that we discussed and brought his own knowledge of the subject to class discussions!

Shane Berkness

For 7th/8th History:  Shane Berkness!  He did a great job with his family tree project, and even brought in some very interesting family artifacts to supplement his project!  He always used his class time well and could be counted on to do quality work!

Laura Nelson

For Careers:  Laura Nelson—she took the Career Seminar very seriously, and completed all requirements very well.  She learned a lot about her career choices, and brought the bar up for the other class members!!!

Students of the Block – Block 3, 2009-2010 – Mr. Kraft

Megan Hofteig

Megan continues to impress me with her ability to exceed my expectation in our Microeconomics class.  When students were asked to research and participate in a simulated stock market game, it was Megan that really took charge of this task and “ran with the bulls”.  Although her stocks may not have perfomed as well as she had expected, this task pushed Megan to further research the market and to broaden her knowledge of Wall Street.  Congratulations, Megan!

Taylor Nordin

Taylor did a nice job demonstrating her passion of history with several of her final assignments in her US History class.  For Taylor’s final assignment, she incorporated baseball, women’s rights, parenting and local politics into a heartfelt children’s story that any young child would enjoy.  Taylor is a student who continues to discover stimulating methods and new approaches to capture the essence of history.  Congratulations, Taylor!