Block III – 2009-2010

Students of the Block – Block 3, 2009-2010 – Ms. Johnson

Olivia Lundholm

Olivia Lundholm was a leader in Life Science.  She came to class with a positive attitude, which often encouraged the same in other students.  I could always count on her to have her assignments completed and on time.  She simply brought a sense of fun and positivity to class which is rare.  Thanks Olivia!

Isaiah Jorgensen

Isaiah Jorgenson is wonderful to have in Physical Science, especially first period of the day.  He is always quick to volunteer, ask questions and participate.  I appreciate his can-do attitude each morning.  Thanks Isaiah!

Abby Berkness

Abby Berkness has been a wonderful addition to Galileo advisory this year.  She works hard, is respectful, she participates in all activities.  She takes her projects seriously, and I look forward to continue to grow into a leader.  Keep up the good work Abby!

Students of the Block – Block 3, 2009-2010 – Mr. Damerow

Maia Coyle

Maia has done a great job in Chemistry all year.  She has earned every point possible in every unit!!  He has a high level of interest in science and in doing her best all the time.  Most of all she has terrific sense of wonder. 

Josh Hartelt

Josh has done a great job in Biology all year.  He has sense of wonder that leads him to asks great questions and comprehend the material at a high level.  He is always a ready to learn and leads by example.