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March 8th, 2016
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The Scholarship Application Session for Fall 2016 scholarships is now open! Here are some important changes to note for this session:

  1. Students must have a STAR ID and password to start the online scholarship application. (For incoming high school students who don’t yet have a Star ID, we are directing them where to go on our web site to obtain that Star ID).
  2. A transcript is not required for most students. Only incoming high school students with GPA of 3.5 of better who qualify for the Presidential and Adams scholarships for academic excellence will be asked to upload a transcript. (We will use data from the student records system to verify major, GPA and completed credits info for most applicants).
  3. Letters of recommendations need to be requested via email from within the student application. Recommenders will receive an email asking them to click a link to provide a recommendation. (Recommenders can then either upload a prepared recommendation document (PDF or Word) from that link OR they may use the easy letter of recommendation template that is provided by the system).
  4. Our Academic Works scholarship system auto-matches students to scholarships based on answers provided on the general application. Unlike past sessions, students will not see which scholarships they’ve been matched to, but they will receive a confirmation email indicating successful submission of their application.

Questions on how to apply? Check out our updated Scholarship Application User Guide and our FAQs.

Deadline for Applications is: April 15, 2016

APPLY NOW AT: www.ridgewater.edu/scholarships

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