Rachel Ebbers – Science

136Welcome! I’m Ms. Ebbers, the new licensed Science Teacher and Cross Country Head Coach at New Century Academy! I graduated with honors from Winona State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  I majored in Secondary Earth Science Education and a minored in Coaching.  I have had over 4 years experience in teaching Science to grades 7-12 and have had over 6 years experience in Coaching Athletics.

I enjoy discovering new things and my adventures include student teaching in New Zealand, exploring Costa Rica, studying the Ozarks of Missouri, vacationing in Chicago, Las Vegas, Kansas City, and Tulsa, touring the northern east coast and experiencing the culture of New Orleans.

During the 2014/2015 School Year I will teach 7th Grade Life Science, 8th Grade Earth Science, and 10th Grade Biology.

I will be teaching 7th Grade Life Science and 10th Grade Biology using a Moodle Course where students can follow along with the lessons on-line! Just ask me for details to sign you up to follow along with the science classes!

Here are the syllabi for the courses I’m teaching.

Biology Syllabus

Science 7 Syllabus

Science 8 Syllabus