September 19th, 2012
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
3:30 p.m.
New Century Academy

“Education: a debt due from present to future generations” – George Peabody

Our Mission is to engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life-long learning and global citizenship.

Our Vision is to provide a school that creates an inclusive community working together to support student achievement and builds a strong sense of self-worth.

I. Call meeting to order by Doherty-Schooler at 3:33 pm.

II. Recognize visitors and review visitor/speaker protocol

III. Register roll call: Sheila Hendricks, Nicole Williams, Cindy Haugland, Chris Kraft, Dawn Jenkins, Barb Haugen, Tiffany Doherty-Schooler, Jason Vold, Jason Coyle

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Consent Agenda Items moved to approved by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks, All Aye.

a. Approve minutes of July, 2012 Board Meeting
b. Approve July Financial Statement
c. Work Agreement approval for new staff members

a. Make additions/changes to the agenda
b. Approve MACS membership
c. Review teacher contract language/wording
d. Add Director Cash in Lieu increase to work agreement

VI. Approve the agenda, Moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, Second by Haugland, All Aye

VII. Board Policy First Reading, II.1.E, II.1.F
      Board Policy Second Reading, II.1.C, II.1.D

VIII. Reports

a. NCA Director Report: Year off to a great start, many clubs started: student council, archery, National College Fair, Knowledge Bowl, class trips, school newspaper, assessments: OPA for 8th graders, EXPLORE AND PLAN assessments, PLC’s on Mondays for staff, new math teachers are connecting with students and doing a great job, new sped teacher and science teacher are doing a great job, possibly starting a school store, Scott Pearson from Apple Valley School District was at NCA for staff development and will join our math department on Monday, September 24. Marketing for increased enrollment of students: as of today 141 student count, 4-5 of those are PSEO students- budgeted for 140 students. Lockers have been installed into each classroom and students have planners. We have a speaker on Friday, September 28 coming in the morning to speak on bullying and students will go to the Renaissance Festival on September 28 as well.

b. Finance Committee Report: Looked at ADM and will continue to monitor the ADM each month, they will work on a revised budget (more staffing costs, less catering costs). Discussed the amount of students enrolled in PSEO last year- the number of students seemed high. Last year’s report will be looked at again by the finance committee. The kitchen facilities were brought up and asked if our kitchen facilities are at code for operation. Vold reported that we are fully licensed to run the kitchen facilities. Dawn Jenkins recommended to call Dennis Hogland (auditor) to discuss for-profit and non-profit status because our kitchen is used to cater food for local daycares which conflicts with our non-profit status.

c. Joint Facilities Committee Report: Tiffany reported that we heard from our layer, Dan, he believes that re-zoning the property is not an option for us, we could submit an application for change of status of the property, establish a non-profit organization to purchase the building. Some charter schools are having builders build a building and then the school pays the building company (as rent). It is unknown if the owners would even sell the building to us.

d. Director Review Committee Report: Committee met and came up with a recommendation for the board which will be presented at the end of this meeting.

e. Alumni/Foundation Committee Report: Barb Haugen spoke with the parent organization. The parent organization is dissolving- not enough involvement or leadership. The parent organization needs a purpose and direction. Barb proposed that we could set up a new parent organization and create fundraisers and opportunities for them to help with. Communication with parents and families needs to be increased and to do this newsletters, blogging, monthly forums, twitter, facebook were proposed. At fall conferences, we will ask parents how they would like to be reached (facebook, twitter, text, email, etc) for school updates.

f. Marketing/PR Committee Report: see above regarding reaching parents with school updates through facebook, twitter, email, text, etc.

g. Board Chair Report: No report

IX. Additional items

a. MACS (association of charter schools) membership: there is a cost to be a member and involved ($3051.90 full payment), it is budgeted for this year, used for teacher licensure, we attended fall/spring workshops in the past, we are underutilizing the services available, liability coverage, hosts conferences, Motion to Approve to renew the membership by Hendricks, second by Haugen, All Aye.

b. Teacher contract wording: Work agreement wording is not the same as the wording in the staff handbook, proposed to create a sub-committee: Barb & Tiffany. They will discuss and look at the rate of pay for extra days off for staff, and the bereavement information.

c. Director cash in lieu: Cash in lieu was not increased for the director when it was increased for staff this school year. In the past the director has had equal cash in lieu as the certified staff. Moved to add increase in cash in lieu by Hendricks and second by Coyle, more discussion by Kraft in regards to other staff members-technology staff, secretary. We did not define the terms of who (which staff members) should be receiving the increase in cash in lieu (originally it was stated that “Full-time certified staff would receive the increase in cash in lieu). All Aye.

d. Future meetings:

a. Finance Committee Meeting

b. Policy Committee Meeting

c. Joint Facilities Committee Meeting

e. Debriefing

a. Vold will call Dennis H. regarding the kitchen facilities.

b. Jason Coyle will look into communication options with facebook and twitter.

c. Sub committee for teacher contact wording.

f. Adjourn meeting by Doherty-School at 4:39 pm, second by Haugen, All aye.

g. Closed Meeting (2011-2012 Director Review Results)
Moved to amend Director’s contract to include incentive pay on contract (which was taken out by mistake when written) by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye.

Recommendation of the board is a bonus of $3550 for the director Moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, Second by Hendricks, All aye.

Moved to ajourn the closed meeting by Doherty-Schooler, second by Haugen, all aye.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole Williams
Board Secretary










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