June 21st, 2013
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013
3:30 p.m.
New Century Academy

“Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Our Mission is to engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life long learning and global citizenship.

Our Vision is to provide a school that creates an inclusive community working together to support student achievement and builds a strong sense of self-worth.

I. Call meeting to order by Doherty-Schooler at 3:33 pm.

II. Recognize visitors and review visitor/speaker protocol: Dawn Jenkins, Linda Michel, Lisa Grina

III. Register roll call: Gohman, Haugen, Kraft, Doherty-Schooler, Haugland, Coyle

Absent: Vold, Hendricks

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Consent Agenda Items, moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Kraft, all: aye.

a. Approve minutes of May, 2013 Board Meeting
b. Approve May Financial Statement
c. Approve agreement with Loffler for copying/printing services
d. Approve Larson Allan as auditor

VI. Make additions/changes to the agenda

a. Classroom remodel project
b. Technology discussion

VII. Approve the agenda moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Haugen, all: aye

VIII. Authorizer

a. Second board visit, NEO is implementing an online system for charter schools to assist with compliance and documentation for paperwork with MDE, launches in July 2013.

IX. Moved to approve Jason Vold’s resignation as Director of New Century Academy by Kraft, second by Doherty-Schooler, all aye.

X. Approve New Director Contract

a. Not able to approve the contract today, tentative acceptance by candidate, will approve contract by email once candidate formally accepts position

XII. Reports

a. NCA Director Report: nothing to report
b. Finance Committee Report (Approve FY 2014 Budget)

i. Three budget options

1. ADM=140, 0% pay increase, Technology funds, increase fund balance increase to 10.6%
2. ADM=140, 4% salary schedule increase, 4% pay increase for non-certified staff, technology funds, fund balance increase to 9%, increase fund balance by $27,000.
3. ADM=140, 4% salary schedule increase, 4% pay increase for non-certified staff, technology funds, increase in funds for music program and technology program, fund balance increase to 7.7%
*Motion to accept FY budget proposal #2 by Kraft, second by Coyle, all aye.

c. Sustainability Committee Report: Nothing to report
d. Joint Facilities Committee Report: Nothing to report
e. Director Review Committee Report: Nothing to report
f. Alumni/Foundation Committee Report: Nothing to report
g. Marketing/PR Committee Report: Nothing to report
h. Board Chair Report: Spoke about new board members and their requirements as board members

XIII. Additional items

a. Classroom remodel project

1. Currently, we have two guitar classes, Popular Music class, and a Choir class being taught at NCA. Plans initiated last spring regarding the rental of portable classrooms for the music room(with plans to expand music class offerings throughout the day)- unsure if we can use lease aid to pay for the portable classrooms. Spoke about the possibility to use the wood shop and the current music room as special education classrooms and the current special education classroom would be used for music. All projects need to be approved by the state and a case study will need to be completed. Further discussion needed.

b. Technology Budget

1. Coyle spoke with New Discoveries administration regarding technology equipment and services, hardware is good, but it is not well maintained and needs to be re-organized, routers are maxed out.

2. Things that need to be done:

1. Clean-up: ensure equipment is functional, account management organization, licensing, unused equipment can be utilized (computers), decide ownership of equipment with NDMA, wiring closet needs to be looked at- Air conditioning should be installed to prevent overheating.

2. Need someone who is system administrator and someone who is help desk support- different skill sets

3. Immediate Needs:

a. Licensing and technology cleanup by hiring short-term resource

4. Possibility to hire Business Solutions for the Systems Administrator and hiring a help desk person for NCA.

5. MACS offers resources for technology

XIV. Future meetings:

a. Finance Committee Meeting
b. Policy Committee Meeting
c. Joint Facilities Committee Meeting

XV. Debriefing

A. Kraft will contact and mentor new board members and let them know about school board training, expectations, etc.
B. Coyle will speak with Mr. Conrad regarding the technology situation.
C. Doherty-Schooler will email board to approve the new Director’s contract

XVI. Adjourn meeting by Doherty-Schooler at 4:48, second by Haugen, all aye.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole Gohman
Board Secretary

Additional Motions and Votes:

Haugen made a motion to approve the employment contracts as presented by chair Tiffany Doherty-Schooler with the amendment to the agreement referencing item 4:( Re: the firing of an employee) An intervention followed by a precise improvement plan will be implemented when necessary. The improvement plan will be supported by documentation taken for a period of time determined by the Director. If the plan is not effective, the employee would face termination, second by Gohman, Nay: Doherty-Schooler, Hendricks, Coyle, Kraft, Haugland. Motion failed.

Haugen motioned to approve originally proposed employment contract presented by Chair Doherty-Schooler, second by Kraft, Aye: Haugen, Kraft, Coyle, Gohman, motion carries.

Kraft motioned to approve Mr. Glenn Klaphake as the new director for New Century per conditions discussed at the 6/19/13 board meeting, second by Haugland, Aye: Kraft, Haugland, Gohman, Doherty-Schooler, motion carries.


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