OFFICIAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28th, 2012
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012
3:30 p.m.
New Century Academy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

Our Mission is to engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life-long learning and global citizenship.

Our Vision is to provide a school that creates an inclusive community working together to support student achievement and builds a strong sense of self-worth.

I. Call meeting to order by Doherty-Schooler at 3:35pm.

II. Recognize visitors and review visitor/speaker protocol: no visitors

III. Register roll call: Present: Hendricks, Haugen, Doherty-Schooler, Gohman, Kraft, Vold, Haugland.  Absent: Coyle

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Consent Agenda Items: Moved to approve by Doherty-schooler, second by Hendricks, all Aye

a. Approve minutes of the October, 2012 Board Meeting

b. Approve October Financial Statement

c. Staff work agreements

VI. Make additions/changes to the agenda, moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye

a. School technology

VII. Approve the agenda: moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye

VIII. Reports

a. NCA Director Report: First trimester is done, staff have been meeting every other week for PLC’s, NWEA tests are complete- kids who need math remediation are in math two times per day, enrollment at 143 currently, hired many paraprofessionals this school year- they are doing a great job, e-term is this week- hockey, ice skating, school newspaper/ newsletter which will be mailed to families, sewing, volunteering, history of baseball, etc, grade reform is being looked at for trimester two, knowledge bowl 1st meet in New London/Spicer, girls volleyball club after school, math team, basketball club, holiday bazaar set for January. Family survey results discussed and will be emailed to the board members by Vold. PSEO funding for last year’s students was discussed. Quantity of lunch tables which NCA owns was discussed. NCA authorizer discussed- they have hired an interim director. NCA applied to be a Celebration School and results will be posted in January.

b. Finance Committee Report: nothing to report

c. Sustainability Committee Report: nothing to report

d. Joint Facilities Committee Report: Vold attended the New Discoveries Joint Facilities Meeting: kitchen project discussed, projections of costs for the next 5-10 years of remaining in this building were discussed. Discussed sending out a survey to families if NCA decides to move locations to see if families would keep their children at NCA.

 Discussed as a board other options for space for NCA for the future. Discussed negotiating property taxes and remaining in the current building.

Discussed creating an NCA facilities task force to investigate and present options for space prior to the January 2013 board meeting. Moved to approve the creation of an NCA Facilities Task Force by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye. Task force consists of Doherty- Schooler, Haugen, Kraft and Vold.

e. Director Review Committee Report: nothing to report

f. Alumni/Foundation Committee Report: nothing to report, discussed removing this committee

g. Marketing/PR Committee Report: billboard on Main Street discussed, discussed the NCA facebook account and using it for PR, talked about increase parent communication.

h. Board Chair Report: nothing to report

IX. Additional items

a. staff work agreements: clarify language for personal and bereavement leave, need to still look at language (personal leave- staff will receive a deduction of 70% of pay)- possibly change that to a set amount per day that staff will pay in order to have additional personal days. Motion to change the deduction of 70% of pay to change to $75 per personal day (2 maximum) by Kraft, second by second by Hendricks, all aye. Moved to approve changes in the bereavement policy by Doherty- Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye.
Vold proposed 6 weeks paid of maternity leave…if you have the days banked for maternity leave. Further discussion needed.

Proposed to change contract from “at will” to a one year contract. Further discussion needed.
b. Technology: discussed increasing technology budget, meeting with Hutchtel next week to talk about increasing internet speeds,

X. Future meetings:

a. Finance Committee Meeting: will meet before the January 2013 board meeting, will review the budget for technology, discussed visiting other high schools and colleges in Minnesota to learn about the technology they are using

b. Policy Committee Meeting: nothing to report

c. Joint Facilities Committee Meeting: see Director’s report

XI. Debriefing

a. Task force will investigate other building options, report back in January

b. Vold will email family survey results, order additional lunch tables, look into past PESO students’ schedules

XII. Adjourn meeting: moved to adjourn meeting at 5:04pm, second by Hendricks, all aye.


Respectfully Submitted,
Nicole Gohman
Board Secretary







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