OFFICIAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16th, 2013
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
3:30 p.m.
New Century Academy

“Education: a debt due from present to future generations” – George Peabody

Our Mission is to engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life-long learning and global citizenship.

Our Vision is to provide a school that creates an inclusive community working together to support student achievement and builds a strong sense of self-worth.

I. Call meeting to order at 3:34 pm by Doherty-Schooler

II. Recognize visitors and review visitor/speaker protocol: Dennis Hoogeveen

III. Register roll call: Gohman, Haugland, Hendricks, Jenkins, Doherty-Schooler, Haugen, Kraft, Vold, Coyle

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Consent Agenda Items: moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Kraft, all aye

 a. Approve minutes of November / December, 2012 Board Meeting

 b. Approve November / December Financial Statement

VI. Make additions/changes to the agenda:

VII. Mr. Hoogeveen presentation (financial audit)

a. Addressed balance sheet (financial report)

b. 40% aid withheld by government; charter schools rely on cash balances, banking relationships, cash balance at NCA consistent with other charter schools

c. Addressed Revenues, expenditures, and other financing sources

1. Fund balance should be between 20-25% of revenues

d. Addressed General Fund

VIII. Social Media Discussion

IX. School safety

X. Approve the agenda by Doherty- Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye

XI. Reports

 a. NCA Director Report: Average Daily Membership (ADM): 139.62, PSEO students are being accurately calculated now, Vold spoke with an MDE representative regarding PSEO funding for last school year and how we reported them- NCA will write a letter to MDE stating the mistake in reporting our PSEO students. Current enrollment is at 149 students. Spoke about projected savings in the budget. Student leadership Training trip to Prairie Woods, internet speed 5 times faster, math technology- using e-books, knowledge bowl group went to regions, middle school math team had a meet on January 15 in St. Cloud, Winter Fest is on January 24, New York trip with Mrs. Hendricks and Mr. Rogers for the spring e-term (17 students), field experiences this spring, Anne of Green Gables- spring play, NCA will be hosting a Knowledge Bowl meet on February 9, positive student recognition (students of the block), Celebration Application was submitted to MDE in November- NCA will receive a response in one week, authorizer application is complete and was submitted on time.

1. Academic Report:
Learning targets in each classroom, service learning, assessments in classroom, NWEA, OLPA, interventions, special education involvement if needed, after school tutoring program starting January 31st

2. A look ahead:
Goal to have 160 students enrolled for 2013-2014 school year, bill boards on Highways, 3 open houses this spring with special guests, food, mini classes, facebook campaign, school board and staff bios in glass case in front of school, trophy case in the front, knowledge bowl awards posted

 b. Finance Committee Report: see director report

 c. Sustainability Committee Report: nothing to report

 d. Joint Facilities Committee Report (Building Options / Lease Discussion):
Discussion on facilities

XII. Additional items

a. Social Media Policy: education for staff on social media and boundaries, draft a social media policy for NCA

 b. School Safety: school safety measures were discussed

 c. Clarification of previous motion regarding staff work agreements from the November board meeting- motion should read: “motion to change the deduction of 70% of daily rate of pay to $75 for each additional day off which only applies to certified staff members” (two maximum)

i. This is an option for this year for certified staff members to pay $75 a day for a maximum of two additional days off or certified staff members can choose to take the 70% deduction of daily rate of pay for a maximum of two additional days off.

 d. Future meetings:

 a. Finance Committee Meeting: day of next board meeting

 b. Policy Committee Meeting: review policies every three years

 c. Joint Facilities Committee Meeting: Vold will email with updates

e. Debriefing

 a. Haugen will ask Lisa about the Parent surveys

 b. Vold will email staff with expense spread sheet (kitchen and building remodel)

 c. Vold will draft a PSEO letter

 d. Vold will email board members regarding the building lease

 e. Draft Social Media Policy

f. Adjourn meeting: moved to adjourn by Kraft at 6:24 pm, second by Coyle, all aye.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole Gohman
School Social Worker
Board Secretary






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