April 19th, 2013
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
3:30 p.m.
New Century Academy 

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come”

Victor Hugo

Our Mission is to engage students in critical thinking and teamwork that empowers them toward life-long learning and global citizenship.

Our Vision is to provide a school that creates an inclusive community working together to support student achievement and builds a strong sense of self-worth.

  1. Call meeting to order by Doherty-Schooler at 3:34pm.
  2. Recognize visitors and review visitor/speaker protocol: Dawn Jenkins
  3. Register roll call: Doherty-Schooler, Vold, Haugen, Hendricks, Kraft, Gohman, Coyle Absent: Haugland
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Consent Agenda Items moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Kraft, all aye
    1. Approve minutes of March, 2013 Board Meeting
    2. Approve March Financial Statement
    3. Vote on Building Lease held via email communication on April 2, 2013- Moved to accept the lease with the third amendment by Coyle, second by Hendricks, Aye: Coyle, Hendricks, Gohman, Haugen, Haugland, Opposed- Kraft. Motion passes and lease is approved.
    4. Vote on adopting Hutchinson School District’s ‘Social Media’ Policy held via email communication on March 21-27, 2013-Motion to approve and adopt the social media policy that District 423 is currently using with ‘NCA’ substituted for ‘423’ by Haugland, second by Doherty-Schooler, aye: Haugen, Gohman, Kraft, Doherty-Schooler, Haugland, Opposed: Coyle. Motion passes.
  6. Make additions/changes to the agenda
    1. 2013-2014 School Calendar
    2. Snow day make up discussion  
  7. Approve the agenda: moved to approve by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks, all aye
  8. Reports
    1. NCA Director Report: staff professional development sessions in April, Student New York trip in May, MCA testing for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders on April 16 and 17th, National Honor Society Induction on April 18, end of block 5 approaching, Annual Meeting in May, Senior Project Nights in May  
    2. Finance Committee Report (proposing 2013-2014 budget): finance discussion, current ADM: 140, Q Comp and Extended Learning Year Funding would be included in Governor’s proposal if passed, Hutchinson School District is proposing to allow NCA to contract for German, Spanish, Industrial Arts, and Art classes one hour each day, portable pod discussion- lease aid can be used for portable pods if the pod is used for a classroom, align funding with state standards, more discussion at future board workshop, NCA is a the recipient of the Finance Award       
    3. Sustainability Committee Report: nothing to report
    4. Joint Facilities Committee Report (update from the joint technology / safety meeting): student safety discussion- school wide intercom system, 5 year lease is signed for current building
    5. Director Review Committee Report: director review will be completed in the next few months  
    6. Alumni/Foundation Committee Report: parent committee interest- need to give the group a purpose/job, parent volunteers for jobs around the school (lawn mowing, painting, cleaning, landscaping)  
    7. Marketing/PR Committee Report (2013-2014 student enrollment report): new bill board displayed next week, television advertisements, ‘Sailing into New Century’ for NDMA 6th grade students (includes NCA tour and information packet)
    8. Board Chair Report: Annual Meeting on May 7, nomination of community member and two teachers will run for the teacher board positions, Board Workshop-date to be decided by email communication (facility, budget direction)  
    9. Policy Committee (proposing new student safety policies for discussion): policy amendments will be approved by the board for the student family handbook and the staff handbook
  9. Additional items
    1. Calendar- 2013-2014 calendar proposed, vote on the calendar via email
    2. Snow Day Make Up Discussion: Move to add May 17, 2013 as a student contact make up snow day by Doherty-Schooler, second by Hendricks; Gohman, Hendricks, Doherty-Schooler aye, Haugen and Kraft no.
  10. Future meetings:
    1. Finance Committee Meeting
    2. Policy Committee Meeting
    3. Joint Facilities Committee Meeting
  11. Debriefing
    1. Chris will call Ridgewater College for information on intercom system
    2. Board Workshop dates discussion via email
    3. Budget direction for Dawn Jenkins, Vold, and Hendricks
    4. Vold and Gohman will propose Handbook amendments
    5. Review and approve the 2013-2014 School Calendar
  12. Adjourn meeting by Doherty-Schooler at 4:57 pm by Doherty-Schooler, all aye. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole Gohman
Board Secretary

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