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March 17th, 2010
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Greetings NCCS Families,

I am excited to report that the kids are working hard and we are proud of the progress they are making in the classroom.  This third trimester will be intense – with the MCAII state testing in April (Reading exam for grades 7, 8, 10, and Math exam for grades 7, 8, 11), along with an incredible percentage of our students being inducted into the National Honor Society, the school play, a very engaging final e-term of the year, and then of course – graduation celebrations!

Additionally, as we move forward as a school – we are engaging in team activities to make New Century one of the best schools in America.  We are planning to add four AP classes for next school year (AP Calc, AP History, AP Language & Composition, and AP Biology) with the intention of adding even more AP options as the years go on (classes like AP Music Theory, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP European History etc).  We have been studying the better schools in America, and are trying to model higher expectations for our kids moving forward.  It is amazing what kids can accomplish when they are challenged but yet supported at the highest level.  Further, we will be adding online options, extra-curricular opportunities with Hutch Schools, and more (information to come soon)!

Again, we appreciate all students and families that we serve, and will strive to make New Century an even better place every day!


JJ Vold
NCCS Director
(320) 234-3660
[email protected]

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