Mrs. Haugen – Language Arts


Hello !

In addition to being the advisor for Emerson, I teach a variety of high school elective English courses and teach 9th grade English as well as 7th grade English. I am also the NCA Advisor for National Honor Society.  It’s a great day!

I have lived in Hutchinson since 1980 with my husband and four children; my sons are graduates of the University of Minnesota and my daughters are graduates of the College of St. Benedict and of Concordia College, Moorhead. I enjoy all water sports, reading, figure skating, sailing, and consider anywhere with water and sand a great place to be.

Participating in my school and college orchestras are right at the top of my younger, memorable school moments. Playing the violin and other musical instruments continues to be a fun part of my life. More recently; I will never forget the morning when a very reluctant reader came directly to my desk and shared his enthusiasm over a book I had given him the day before – “Mrs. Haugen, I couldn’t put it down, I read the whole thing!”