History Day Competition

March 26th, 2010
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Congrats to our students for all advancing to the State Competition!

“We have 6 famous or infamous people in our midst today.  First of all, we have three men who met in Berlin 58 years ago on Jan. 20th to make plans to systematically eliminate all Jews from the world, starting in Europe.  The actual minutes of the Wannsee Conference show how many Jews were in each country in Europe at the time.  The men talked about death camps, gas chambers, who would pay for the Jewish “relocation” (the wealthy Jews themselves, ironically) and other details that would enable them to fulfill their agenda.  Let me introduce to you SS Major General Heinrich Mueller (Cody Anderson), SS General Reinhard Heydrich (Caleb Dalbec) and Adolf Eichmann (Jansen Weckman).

Next I want to ask you how many of you drove on a road to get to school today?  Well I’d like to introduce you to two men who were instrumental in planning and implementing the US Interstate system, President Dwight Eisenhower (Colby Richards) and his Chief of Staff, Sherman Adams (Isaiah Jorgenson).  These men knew that America could and should have a much more extensive highway system (like the already famous Autobahn in Germany), and in their project “From Dirt to Concrete: the Highways of Today,” they talk about everything from the ancient Roman road system, to the first mile of paved road in America, to our extensive Interstate Highways of the 21st century.

Last but not least, we have a man who has loved drawing since he was young!  He started drawing cartoon characters and one of his early ones was “stolen” by a business associate.  After this experience, he drew another cartoon character—it was a little mouse with velvet suspenders with pearly buttons and big black ears.  He named this character Mortimer Mouse, but his wife thought of another, more catchy name…..Mickey Mouse. And the rest, as they say, is history……… Let me introduce you to Mr. Walt Disney (Tyler Hruby)!!

All six students from NCCS advanced to the State level competition with their original performances, which will be held May 1st at the University of Minnesota”

– Andrea Moore, History Day Coach

For the 5th year in a row, New Century students are competing in the Regional Minnesota History Day Competition held in Marshall, MN on Monday, March 29.  The theme this year is “Innovation in History: Impact and Change.

We have 6 students participating in the Regional Event with hopes of advancing to the State Competition on May 1st and the University of Minnesota.

  • Jansen Weckman, Cody Anderson and Caleb Dalbec—entering a junior group presentation on the Wannsee Conference and Hitler’s Final Solution
  • Tyler Hruby—a senior individual presentation on Walt Disney
  • Colby Richards and Isaiah Jorgensen—a senior group presentation on “From Dirt to Concrete: the Highways of Today”

We wish these students luck as they enter this competition – New Century has always advanced a great group to the state level.”

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