Fhysical Fitness Fridays

February 15th, 2010
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Let's Push It!

“If I Could Turn Back Time” – really, Mrs. Hendricks?  Stop by our Multi-purpose room on Friday mornings and you will see us going back to the 80’s with loud, pounding music and aerobics to go with it!

It’s Fhysical Fitness Fridays, and you can join the fun!  Every Friday during advisory time, Mrs. Hendricks leads about 50 students in heart-pumping, brow sweating, leg-warmer wearing fun!  Dance to Cher, Salt N Pepa, and even the Rednex  – you’ll be amazed how these cold winter days seem a lot warmer!  Come and join us – maybe we’ll even change it up some week to something from OUR generation!

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