May 10th, 2011
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I can’t believe the school year is almost over. E-term is a week away and I can’t be anymore excited. I have Sewing outdoor gear with Mr. D, and biking in the afternoon for week one. For week two I have A healthier you and tennis, I am very very excited. Earlier this year I have taken both A healthier you and sewing outdoor gear, both excellent classes. I am looking forward to tennis also, last year was a blast and I improved my game significantly, so this year I should increase even more. A lot of my friends are leaving on the New York trip for week one, leaving me with only a few friends. They tried to convince me to go, but I did not want to be that far away from home with a bunch of classmates. Plus I would have had to pay for it myself, no thanks. I will admit it will be an amazing experience for all those who are going, and it will absolutely be a trip they will remember.This year was very successful for trip fundraisers, whereas last year everything kinda fell apart. I believe Mr. Rogers was the driving force that created this trip, lead in its planning, and will be the leader during the trip itself. Everyone of my friends going its extremely excited that Mr. Rogers is going, with his background and knowledge of New York and the surrounding cities will prove invaluable. Good luck to all that are going, and I hope you have a fun safe trip.

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