Distance Learning Update

March 30th, 2020
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NCA Students and Families,

I hope you have all had a restful weekend and that your family is in good health. We start distance learning tomorrow on Monday, March 30th. Students all over the state will be heading back to school in various ways, mostly online. This is a state wide plan that has never been done before. As much as these are difficult times, you must know that you are all part of history! I truly believe that there will be some good learning opportunities during our distance learning together. You can find several posts on the homepage of the school website for details about the distance learning plan as well as the daily schedule.

New Century Academy staff have made every effort to prepare a plan for you that will help us through this difficult time and help keep you engaged in your learning. We have delivered food and materials, starting last Friday. Our hope is that all of you received the materials you need. Please understand that if you didn’t, we will get you what you need. If you have already contacted someone at the school, we are preparing to send out the materials again on Monday. If you have not contacted the school yet to inform us that you didn’t receive what you needed, please do so as soon as possible. We will continue to make every effort to get you what you need.

If you have the ability to connect online, please do so. If you are having trouble connecting to your google classroom or a google hangouts meeting, please call the school and let us know. There should be a telephone number included with any invite you  receive for a google hangouts meeting. You can call this number at any point to connect, even if you are having trouble connecting via the internet. There will be things that do not work from time to time. Be patient and continue to reach out to the school for help. You can always call the school number at 320-234-3660 and ask for help. If you are having trouble contacting your teachers, please reach out to Mrs. Bernardy or Mrs. Doty. You can reach Mrs. Bernardy at [email protected] or Mrs. Doty at [email protected].

I also want to make you all aware that each paraprofessional has been assigned a list of approximately 10 students. Their responsibility is to reach out to you each day by phone to check in and see if you need anything and to see how things are going with your classes.

I also wanted to make you aware of a local internet provider who may be able to offer you a great deal on internet service. Our own paraprofessional Ms. Allana Mount has reached out to Mediacom for her own internet service and was provided a great deal. She also did a little more research to help understand what the potential was. Thanks to Ms. Allana!! Families may qualify for discounts, especially if you qualify for free and reduced lunch meals. I will provide two links below. One is to the Department of Education with details on discounts and the other is to Mediacom and allows you to see if you qualify for discounts. You can also call Mediacom and ask to be connected to “connect2compete”. The potential deal is for free installation, first 2 months free and only $23 dollars a month after. The school can’t offer any assistance with this plan, however I thought we should pass on the information.



Thank you again for all your patience and good luck to all during our distance learning adventure!

Jason Becker, Director

New Century Academy

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