Distance Learning Plan

March 28th, 2020
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Comprehensive Distance Learning Plan

School Hours, Calendar & Schedule

NCA will continue to follow the existing school calendar for all instructional days and non-instructional days. NCA will implement a daily schedule Monday-Friday, 8:30am- 3:30pm. These are the hours that teachers will be holding instruction and posting assignments and resources. During this time, staff will be available to offer support and answer questions through email, phone, google hangouts and google meets. Parents and students, who need to come to the school building for any reason, should contact the office to check availability and the potential for an appointment. The daily schedule will change during distance learning in an effort to help families manage the day-to-day workload and allow staff enough time to connect with students who need extra help. The daily schedule will be as follows:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30am – 10:30am 1st Period 4th Period 1st Period 4th Period Office Hours
10:30am – 11:00am Break Break Break Break Break
11:00am – 1:00pm 2nd Period 5th Period 2nd Period 5th Period Office Hours
1:00pm – 1:30pm Break Break Break Break Break
1:30pm – 3:30pm 3rd Period 6th Period 3rd Period 6th Period Office Hours


Students will need to check in to each period Google Classroom each day during the scheduled 2 hour time block to be counted as present for that period. If they do not check in at this time, they will be marked absent unexcused for that period. Student attendance will be tracked through JMC. If a student is unable to check in at that time due to an appointment or emergency, a parent or student must notify the school on that day.  Failure to check in may result in truancy being filed. Each paraprofessional staff has been assigned a group of students to contact each day. This extra contact will be an effort to make sure that students are in good health and help the school assess the learning and social-emotional needs on a daily basis.

Distance Learning

NCA will continue to utilize Google Classroom as a method to provide classroom instructions, materials and assessments. Google Hangouts Meet will be used with Google Calendar for all class discussion. All students have access to Google Classroom, Calendar and Hangouts Meet through their school email. NCA educational staff will utilize a variety of instruction resources to provide students the highest level of education. General Education teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Paraprofessionals will all be available to provide instruction and support during the school day. Parents will have access to their students Google Classrooms. The school website will also include a step-by-step video demonstration on how to use Google Classroom to further support students and help parents navigate the system.

NCA has used Google Classroom throughout the year to provide students with lecture slideshows, assignments, notes, formative and summative assessments, and support materials. NCA will continue to use this online system, providing students with rigorous standards-based instruction and assessments that promote problem based learning. Assignments for the week will be due by that Sunday at 11:59pm.

State assessments, such as the MCA’s, have been canceled for the FY20 school year.

NCA will also make available paper copies of all materials. Staff will deliver student binders with the next week’s materials on Friday each week between 9:30am-12:30pm. Staff will pick up the previous week binder with completed material to be graded each Monday between 9:30 am-12:30pm. This rotation will help us meet the needs of those students who are unable to connect through the internet or prefer to complete their work on paper. This method will also meet the needs of those students who require printed materials as it relates to an Individual Education Plan.

As governor Waltz and the CDC recommends social distancing we will implement this on a school level for our staff when staff meet.  Through our platforms we have provided CDC recommendations to help “flatten the curve” to help our medical professionals do their jobs as best they can do.  As NCA staff, we have emphasized utilizing Google Hangouts Meet to practice social distancing yet still uphold excellent academic integrity.

Data Privacy

Conference resources such as Google Hangouts Meet will be used to provide direct instruction, one-on-one support, and group discussions. Google’s terms state they are fully committed to the security and privacy of users’ data and protecting users and schools from attempts to compromise it. Google claims its systems are among the industry’s most secure and they vigorously resist any unlawful attempt to access customers’ data.

NCA staff has used Google Suite programs successfully this school year. For conferences that require confidentiality, Google Meetup will be used as they are HIPPA approved.

NCA administration has all access to all staff Google Suite apps, including email, classroom, and drive. Administration will have access to all virtual meetings.

Technology Access

NCA has chromebooks for all students who are in need of technology. Through a needs assessment the school will identify the needs of students and provide the chromebooks. The chromebooks are also available upon request and will be based on need.

PSEO/Concurrent Enrollment

School staff will be available to help PSEO students navigate their college courses though the move to online and their transition back to in classroom learning.

NCA will continue to work with students to complete the requirements for next year PSEO registration and plans. School staff will update students and parents/guardians with the information needed to answer any questions and make sure they are prepared for their future in PSEO.

Support Services

School staff will be supporting students’ social-emotional learning by checking with students by phone and email. Staff will also post on the website coping strategies and resources for a healthy mindset, as well as connecting community resources available to students and families. Staff will use online video resources such as google hangouts meet, to continue counseling sessions. Support staff will also be supporting 504 students by making sure their accommodations are being met and tracking their progress during distance learning.

New Century Academy administration works closely with the School Nurse who provides the school with the most up to date health information from the department of health. NCA also works with a contracted Nurse from McLeod County who offers support and direction when needed. NCA Director will check regularly with county services about emerging needs.

School Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Therapist, Speech Pathologist will set up Google Hangouts Meet or Zoom meetings that will allow them to continue to meet with their students. They will also have access to all teachers and staff to be notified of student progress and needs. Please contact the school office if you have need of additional services.

The contact information for our School Nurse is available through our website. The School Nurse will continue to supply the school with resources to support students and families. These resources will be posted on the website and sent home to all families via email or U.S. mail.

Special Education and 504

The special education team and the 504 coordinators will be working closely with teachers, administration, and parents/guardians to ensure that students have all the support, accommodations, and modifications they need. Case managers and support staff will make daily contact with students. Teachers and paraprofessionals will notify them if a student needs further support or resources. Case managers and support staff will meet with students via Google Hangouts Meet or on the telephone.

Special Education Paraprofessionals will be working directly with teachers and other Special Education staff through Google Classroom and Google Hangouts Meet. They will be available to help students with notes and assignments via email and Google Hangouts Meet. They will work with small groups that need support with the use of similar platforms. Paraprofessionals will also be the main contact to Special Education students and assist in updates to parents/guardians on the students’ progress.

English Language Learners

ELL instructors will be available as needed. Staff will use Google Hangouts Meet, phone and email to interact with all ELL students.

Students Experiencing Homelessness or Housing Instability

NCA Homeless Coordinator will continue to monitor the wellbeing of students experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Collaborating with local services and community is important to provide the necessary resources for these students to ensure they have full access to their education. NCA ensures that homeless students have access to technology by providing Google Chromebooks. Daily breakfast and lunch will be provided and delivered to an agreed upon location. The Homeless Coordinator will check in regularly via phone and email to support.

Tribal Considerations

As needed, NCA will work with the local Tribal Liaison Officer to ensure that Native American students are supported and all resources are available.

Nutritional Plan

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided daily by delivery to student homes. NCA will obtain permission from families to deliver meals to their home. Families who do not want the delivery will notify the delivery staff and/or contact the school to stop the food delivery.

Our school will follow nutritional guidelines and provide our students healthy balanced meals. The NCA Food Service Director and support staff will plan and prepare all meals.


NCA Administration will ensure that all communication about distance learning, school activities, and any other updates will be posted on the website and Facebook, as well as sent home via email.

We have been communicating with staff and parents on an almost daily basis when we receive any updated information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.  School staff will be providing strategies and resources for families to help cope with stress and anxiety during this time. We will continue to do this through email, Facebook and our school website.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Distance learning provides students with an environment that is safe and secure. Not only is this conducive to their learning process but it also helps them feel safe and protected while they learn. Additionally, parents play an important and integral role in their child’s education by directly supervising their learning schedules. In addition to making the child feel safe, online learning platforms also make parents feel safe! NCA’s anti bully policy will continue to be in full affect.

Child Care for Emergency Workers

NCA will provide childcare to Tier 1 essential personnel from our enrolled or employed population. Childcare for Tier 2 essential personnel will also be provided whenever possible.

Enrollment of New Students

Students wishing to enroll at New Century Academy can complete and submit the enrollment packet online on the New Century Academy website. Enrollment and request for records will continue to go through the school office. The school Director and/or School Support staff through phone and virtual meetings will do orientation to New Century Academy.

Staff Information

New Century Academy is practicing social distancing when staff, contractors, and volunteers are required to meet at school. However, New Century Academy will limit in person attendance and will utilize Google Classroom, Google Hangouts Meet and email for conferencing.

New Century Academy staff has worked with Google Classroom during the year. This online system will continue to be utilized and supportive training will be offered by selected staff. One staff member has taken the lead as Google Classroom support when answering our questions as well as to provide new resources as they are offered. NCA staff also has their own Google Classroom page to share meetings and have discussions. Google Hangouts Meet Meetings will be held daily for staff meetings as well as staff development as needed.

Financial Policies

New Century Academy will continue to work with our Business Manager and School Board to maintain financial needs. All financials will continue to be reviewed by the School Board.

NCA Administration will continue to work together to ensure that the payroll process is not disrupted. Hourly staff will continue to track hours worked through timesheets.

School Board Meetings

The New Century Academy School Board of Directors will continue to meet as scheduled. These Board Meetings may occur electronically according to 13D.021 which provides direction during a pandemic. Meetings will be made available to all participants through phone or Zoom meetings. Access to Agenda, minutes, and financial reports can be found on the school website.

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