March 1st, 2010
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It’s been a wonderful journey through the rainforests of Papua, New Guinea with the scientist Mark and the reporter Ollie as they lived with the Kombai tribe, a tribe that was only discovered approximately 25 years ago.

The students have loved learning how they live, how their justice system works and laughing and crying with them as they endure the hardships of everyday life.  Students  have  also enjoyed learning about the endangered animals in the rainforests, what is killing them as well as they enjoyed wonderful activities such as:  mosaic animal crafts, towel origami, animal sculpting, face painting, t-shirt painting, etc.  They have also enjoyed eating gummy grubs while watching the Kombai eat the real grubs!!!

In general it was a spectacular success.  Students are looking forward to “The Rainforest II” in May when a tribe similar to the Kombai come to the United States and are exposed to modern day life.  BORORAMBO! (Thank you/ Greetings/ Farewell).

By:  Nadine Sherman- Spanish Teacher

Curie Advisor

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