April 3rd, 2020
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NCA Students and Families,

Thank you all for your hard work in making the first ever distance learning event successful in its first week. We are super impressed with the students ability to connect and be engaged. We are still working hard to connect with those individuals who we have not heard from yet.

We are very close to finding a solution for those who still can’t find a reasonable connection to the internet. I’m hoping to have an update on a plan for those who still can’t connect.

Tomorrow staff will deliver a new set of materials in Binder B along with the lunches. When staff deliver, please practice safe social distancing. We have asked our staff to knock on the door and set the materials down for you to come out and pick up. This will limit the human to human contact even more and keep everyone safe. If you have a cooler you’d like to leave outside for the food drop off, please do and we will use the cooler to put the food in. If you’d like to provide a bigger cooler for staff to place materials in as well, please do so and this will help keep those items dry.

For those who are completing the paper copies of materials in Binder A, this will be picked up on Monday during the normal lunch route deliveries.

ALL assignments, whether students are completing them in google classroom or on paper are due by each Sunday at 11:59 pm. Again, those binders will be picked up the next Monday morning after all materials are due.

If students have technology issues, please email us at [email protected] to receive assistance.

Thank you and have a blessed evening,

Jason Becker, Director

New Century Academy

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