3…2…1… BLAST OFF

May 30th, 2015
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The 8th Grade students at New Century Academy, tested their Model Water Bottle Rockets last week in Science class while studying the History and Science of Rockets. They were to create the most aerodynamic Model Water Bottle Rocket by manipulating the cone piece and fins while needing to carry a weight of 10 bolts with clay. Each group was trying to achieve the greatest height and time in flight. They used a 2 liter pop bottle for the body of the rocket and filled the bottle 45% full of water to create thrust during the launch from an air compressor. The class had fun and many groups achieved quite a high flight during the launch. Students would like to thank Andrew Rettig, a 10th Grader at NCA, for contributing his self-built Bottle Rocket Launcher for the class to use!

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